Policies & Procedures

The Management System of GSI is based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015. Its aim is to achieve and maintain certification under this international standard. All employees of GSI comply with these requirements, including Health and Safety, legal and regulatory.


A: Health & Safety

The Company commits itself to promote a positive health and safety culture within the organization. The Company recognizes the importance of health and safety to its core business and the special role that the Security Officer can perform in ensuring the safety of premises and people – an unsafe site can never be a secure site. GSI via its Health and Safety Policy will seek to promote awareness of the importance of health and safety amongst all its employees and to promote a culture of openness and collaboration in dealing with all health and safety issues.


B : Environmental Management

GSI is committed to protecting and actively improving the environment within all areas of the Company’s operations. This will be implemented by identifying areas where continual improvement of our environmental and employee safety related to our services and operations can be made. It is our commitment to preserve and enhance the environment, and the safety and health of all our employees, customers, and other interested parties including business partners.

We will ensure through our Integrated Management System that our environmental outputs are clearly identified, and our environmental impacts are minimised with regard to the prevention of pollution within the supply and delivery of our security services to our customers.

The Environmental Policy is communicated by the Management Team and is understood and implemented by all employees throughout the Company.

C: Anti-corruption

We know the positive impact that can be made when security services are delivered appropriately and the implications when this does not happen.

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